Japan Interest Rates

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Japan Banks

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Bank of Yokohama Bank Of Yokohama 609 1920 Local
Japan Post Bank Japan Post Bank 234 2006 Local
Nomura Nomura 176 1993 Local
Shizuoka Bank Shizuoka Bank 173 1943 Local
Chiba Bank Chiba Bank 156 1943 Local
Citibank Japan Citibank Japan 38 1902 Foreign
Shinsei Bank Shinsei Bank 29 1952 Local
HSBC Japan HSBC Japan 2 1866 Foreign
Standard Chartered Japan Standard Chartered Japan 1880 Foreign

Japan Discussion Activity

  • Mizuho Bank
    Q: What is your interest rates per product?

    Reply aira from Philippines
  • Deposits
    Q: The technical intern trainee or foreign worker are we allowed for time deposit? And what is the requirements??

    Reply Bimbo from Japan
  • Japan Post Bank
    Q: Is there any personal loan service available with low interest rate for 5 years

    Reply Radhakrishnan from Tokyo, Japan
  • Citibank Japan
    Q: Will non-pr's be able to get a home loan? If yes, what is the rate? Thank you.

    Reply Amy from Japan
  • Loans
    Q: What , bank can provide loan to indian citizen if yes so what is security against loan have to provide by us and eligibility (its qustion for genral query just for my qurocity )

    Reply amol from Jakarta, Indonesia
  • SMBC
    Q: Konichiwa! I am a filipina my husband is japanese and i work at kaisha.. i want to buy a house in davao and i need 2000000.. if it possible for to get a money loan?

    Reply Jovelyn from Japan
  • Nomura - Loans - Nomura Short Term Loan
    Q: Good Day I have been living in Japan for 3 years and just signed a contract to work in Japan for another 3 years. I will be earning a decent Salary from a big company. However I am trying to get a personal loan for an opportunity offshore. I am looking for a loan for 70Mil Yen which I will pay back in 2 years. I have collateral with my work here in Japan. Do you know of an institution that would be able to help me or lead me in the right direction for me to obtain this loan?? Kind regards

    Reply Grant Hattingh from Japan
  • Bank Of Yokohama
    Q: I'm citizen of India. Will i get the personal loan from your bank? If yes then what is the interest rate and please provide the other details.

    Reply Shiva from Secunderabad, India
  • Savings
    Q: How much interest money will I get if I save 100000 in fixed deposit and withdraw after one year.

    Reply Sonam from Tokyo, Japan
  • Savings
    Q: What is the interest rate(interest in % for saving money in JP bank.

    Reply Sonam from Tokyo, Japan