Japan Loans

Provider Rate Type
Nomura Short Term Loan

Rates applicable to Nomura short-term loan for loans less than 1 year.

APR 1.50%
Feb 2018
SMBC Japan Home Loan

The rate is applicable to the variable home loan interest rate for purchasing of residential land and housing including new construction.

APR 2.475%
Feb 2018
APR 3.10%
Jun 2018


  • Q: What , bank can provide loan to indian citizen if yes so what is security against loan have to provide by us and eligibility (its qustion for genral query just for my qurocity )

    Reply amol from Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Q: Can I apply for loan a Japanese bank being a Indian resident!? Is it possible to take a small loan like A million from other country at such minimal interest rates!?

    Reply Rohit tantia from Gurgaon, India
  • Q: what companies in japan offer the best multipurpose loans and at what rates? I am looking to borrow money for a house refurbishment project. Thank you.

    Reply Kevin Elliott from Japan
  • Q: if it is available in out side japan

    Reply radhakrishnan from Chennai, India