Japan Loans

Bank Rate Type
Nomura Short Term Loan

Rates applicable to Nomura short-term loan for loans less than 1 year.

APR 1.50%
Feb 2018
SMBC Japan Home Loan

The rate is applicable to the variable home loan interest rate for purchasing of residential land and housing including new construction.

APR 2.475%
Feb 2018
APR 3.00%
Nov 2016


  • Q: Can I apply for loan a Japanese bank being a Indian resident!? Is it possible to take a small loan like A million from other country at such minimal interest rates!?

    Reply Rohit tantia from Gurgaon, India
  • Q: what companies in japan offer the best multipurpose loans and at what rates? I am looking to borrow money for a house refurbishment project. Thank you.

    Reply Kevin Elliott from Japan
  • Q: if it is available in out side japan

    Reply radhakrishnan from Chennai, India