Citibank Japan Overview

Citibank Japan Bank AccountsCitibank Japan has its origins in the International Banking Corporation which was founded in Japan in 1902. It is a subsidiary of the US-based banking multinational Citigroup and has 1,835 employees. It operates 38 branches across the country and offers banking services t... read more

Citibank Japan Discussion

  • Q: Will non-pr's be able to get a home loan? If yes, what is the rate? Thank you.

    Reply Amy from Japan
  • Q: I am a permanent resident in japan for almost 15 years,I am planning to put up a laundry business in the philippines I am eligible person to apply for a business loans to your bank?i am working in a hotel for almost 3years now.hoping for your reply thank you.

    Reply Jennifer from Japan
  • Q: . We are interested in applying for a 3.8 million yen loan, or about $35k to complete the remodeling and renovations. This would be my first time navigating through home mortgages and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Reply Anon from Imaricho-ko, Japan
  • Q: I'm looking to set up 4 retail shops, three in Hokkaido and one with a large warehouse in Cebu, Phillipines for Amazon and Ebay shipping. I suspect that I need to start with 12,000,000 yen. What are the loan requirements and terms and how do I apply?

    Reply David Hyre from Dasmarinas, Philippines
  • Q: I'm from Philippines, have been living in Japan for almost 3.5 years, and would like to have a home loan. however, the property I have is back in the Philippines. Would it still be possible to have a home loan? I am a non-Japanese residence.

    Reply Janella from Japan
  • Q: I'm from the United States, have been living in Japan for the past 4 year, and would like to get a home loan in Japan through Citibank. My spouse and I are not non-Japanese residence.

    Reply Bryan Hawking from United States
  • Q: We have been paying 470,000 a month for the last five years on a home loan. We are wantig to get a loan with Citibank to pay off the remaining balance of 21,900,000 yen that we owe another bank. Is this possible? My husband is American and we have lived on Okinawa together for 20 years. I do not work but he has worked for the same company on a US military base here for 20 years and makes 9,500,000 a year. I am a Japanese citizen. I speak Japanese and English so please feel free to write me back in either language.

    Reply Eiko from Uruma, Japan