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Nomura Interest RatesNomura Trust & Banking Company is a domestic bank in Japan and is a subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, a holding company for the Nomura Group, which is a multinational financial services company. The Nomura Group origins back in 1925 and today its holding company is listed on va... read more

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  • Q: Sir,I am an industrial land in India worth about US Dollars 1 Million.I want to set up a faculty to produce Biodegradable Cutlery and tableware for which I need a loan of US Dollars 2 million.Please advice if there is any financial institution who will be willing to offer us any lians

    Reply Umesh Bhasin from Delhi, India
  • Q: can I get personal loan approximately ¥4000000 for 10 yrs. I'm planning to build a business hotel in my home town in India.

    Reply Anand Vijay from Japan
  • Q: I would like to inquire about Cash Loan service I am living in Japan with my family for 9 years with a Working Visa I don't have a PR yet. Thank you,

    Reply Cherry from Tokyo, Japan
  • Q: i want to deposite some money. what is the policy and interest rate ??? would you like to tell me

    Reply sangam from Japan

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  • Nomura Short Term Loan - Loans
    Q: Good Day I have been living in Japan for 3 years and just signed a contract to work in Japan for another 3 years. I will be earning a decent Salary from a big company. However I am trying to get a personal loan for an opportunity offshore. I am looking for a loan for 70Mil Yen which I will pay back in 2 years. I have collateral with my work here in Japan. Do you know of an institution that would be able to help me or lead me in the right direction for me to obtain this loan?? Kind regards

    Reply Grant Hattingh from Japan